USD 383 voted 4-3 to increase the mill levy from 50.396 to 52.464 for budget year 2014. The increase is 2.019 mills. What that means to the average home owner is a $73 tax increase, if you are still in business in Manhattan your business property tax rate will take an additional $258 hit.   Increases off course all depend on the appraised value of your property. If the appraised value went down, the hit may not take place at all.   It is interesting to note that the three board members that voted against the budget – Leah Filter, Aaron Estabrook and Darell Edie did not  oppose the budget because it was too high. They wanted to increase the budget further.   Dave Coburn, Marcia Rozell PatHudgins and Curt Herrman voted for the budget.

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