Mr. Kaw

Thoughts From Mr. Kaw

Welcome to “Thoughts From Mr. Kaw”. Mr. Kaw resides in the Manhattan City Park and stands tall enough to see all of the events in the city. He has a bird’s eye view of City Hall.  With all of that time standing around hearing and seeing the events in our area, Mr. Kaw has decided to provide his thoughts or insight on local issues.


 If you have any “MK” like insights feel free to share them. Please send your comments and observations to  or click on the OM Facebook page link (left column at the bottom) and create a comment and get the discussion going. 

(Photo of Johnny Kaw Statue February 2013 by Our Manhattan) “Thoughts from Mr. Kaw are not to be confused with the Pioneer Kansas Wheat Farmer Johnny Kaw. Click the PDF file in the header to learn about Johnny Kaw Kansas Tall Tale Hero.