The elected officials have determined how much money they will pluck from your wallets next year. The School Board has upped the mill levy by 2.019 mills. The Riley County Commission has added a further 1.949 mills. The City managed to keep a flat mill levy with no mill levy increase over 2013. But do not confuse mill levy with the dollars that will be removed from your bank accounts.
The assessments on property in Riley County increased this year overall. That increase was computed to be worth around 1 mill by the Manhattan City Finance Department. So a flat mill levy when compared to assessments will result in a tax increase for some property and business owners. The reality is that the City increased budget expenditures. All three taxing agencies got a stealth 1 mill boost thanks to the appraisal system.

Your Riley County Commission


Ron Wells             D-3  

Dave Guthals        D-1 

Robert Boyd          D-2


Riley County Clerk

Rich Vargo         


Riley County Treasurer

Eileen King          


Riley County Register of Deeds

Debbie Regester    



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2013 Budget Vote


Voted in 2012 to increase the 2013 mil levy and increase your taxes. 


Karen McCulloh               Yes

Dave Guthals                   Yes

Alvan Johnson                  Yes