Property Tax Summary for 2014 

What will be plucked from you wallet?

The elected officials have determined how much money they will pluck from your wallets next year.  The School Board has upped the mill levy by 2.019 mills. The Riley County Commission has added a further 1.949 mills. The City managed to keep a flat mill levy with no mill levy increase over 2013. But do not confuse mill levy with the dollars that will be removed from your bank accounts.  The assessments on property in Riley County increased this year overall. That increase was computed to be worth around 1 mill by the Manhattan City Finance Department. So a flat mill levy when compared to assessments will result in a tax increase for some property and business owners. The reality is that the City increased budget expenditures. All three taxing agencies got a stealth 1 mill boost thanks to the appraisal system.
       2013 Mill 2014 Mill Increase or Decrease
City of Manhattan 43.439 43.439
Riley County 34.783 37.345 +1.949
USD 383* 50.396 52.464 +2.019
Statewide Levy 1.5 1.5
130.118 134.753



*The USD 383 Mill Levy includes a state wide 20 mills for schools.

The city of Manhattan has a property tax calculator program at : (It may not have the current county and USD mill rates).


Calculate your individual property tax liability.  You may find that it has actually decreased, depending upon how the appraiser treated your property.  About 50% of the properties have stayed the same, 25% have gone down and 25% have increased.  If your appraisal went down you might actually pay less tax this year.  If it stayed flat you will get an increase.  It your appraisal went up, tighten your belt as you might have to cut something out of your household budget.   


City of Manhattan Election Results


Karen McCulloh, Usha Reddi and Rich Jankovich win City Commission seats. 


The voter turnout was 20.03% for the county.  Only 1 in 5 folks took the time to vote.   It only took 2700 to 3000 votes to win, but 34,597 people were registered.   The vote count was - McCulloh 3,024 votes; Reddi 2,783; Jankovich 2,701; Nuss 2,324; Strawn 2,182; Ball 2,130 and Hogan 719.


Congratulations to the winners and a further well done to the voters that supported their candidates. 


Local Election Results

1/2 Cent Sales Tax Question:
11,572 or 59.29% YES
7,945 or 40.71% NO

The sales tax vote passed with a significant margin. The tax will serve the best interest of the City of Manhattan, Riley County and more important the Citizens. The tax had three components that dedicated specific dollars to Riley County Roads (33%), Smaller Cities in Riley County (2%), and Debt Reduction for the City of Manhattan (23%).  The remaining 42% is allocated to City of Manhattan Infrastructure and/or Economic Development. To further reduce the Manhattan City Debt burden it is necessary for the City Commissioners to allocate the lion’s share of the 42% to infrastructure projects and limit any corporate giveaways to private business. 


County Commission:


2nd District - Robert Boyd (R) - 3,738 or 62.89%

                       Scott Seel (D) - 2,200 or 37.01% 



3rd District- Ron Wells (R) - 3,992 or 54.76%

                     Rod Harms (D) - 3,289 or 45.12% 


Congratulations to County Commissioners - Robert Boyd and Ron Wells.