The mission of the City of Manhattan is to sustain order and protect public safety, promote public health, preserve the built environment, and enhance economic vitality.  The City supports a regional community in which individuals and families develop and thrive.

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Usha Reddi     


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For the past two years the Commission held the line on tax increases.  In 2014 a flat mil levy actually a drop of .015 was achieved.  For the 2015 budget the mil levy increased .539.  So the overall increase for two years in mil levy was .524.  We can thank the work of Mayor Matta and Butler for that effort.

You can forget about holding the line on mil levy for the next few years.  With Mayor McCulloh at the helm you can expect increases like the upcoming 2016 City Budget - plus 2.95 mils.  This is on top of an appraisal increase for most properties in the 5% range. 

The priority for this years Mayor is an increase in City Commission Salary and new chairs for the Commission Chambers.  Travel will also be a major expenditure - attending conferences is a big priority for the Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem Usha Reddi.  Commissioner Reddi has already run up the highest travel bill of any Commissioner since Bruce Snead flew off to Germany on our dime.  


"A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it."    William Feather