Our Manhattan hosted a Forum for the City Commission Candidates on Monday February 25th 2013.  Candidates Jankovich, Strawn, Ball, Reddi and McCulloh were present.  Debbie Nuss refused to attend.  Daniel Hogan was unable to attend because his new born daughter is in the neonatal intensive care unit in Topeka.  Even though it was a winter snow warning night some 40 voters were in attendance.  We appreciate the candidate participation in the forum.   

The invitiation to the Forum and the voters quide request are posted above.  See our subpage on voter's guides for more information on Our Manhattans voter guide and those of other organizations.


In the Manhattan Mercury on Friday day Debbie was quoted as saying " She would not be attending that fourm (OurManhattan), but that was because Our Manhattan is a political action group and she said she didn't think it would be wise for her campaign to go to a forum hosted by a group whose interests did not align with her own".   Our Manhattan is for lower taxes, infrastructure and responsible growth.  Mrs. Nuss's refusal to take part in the Forum answers the key questions of the voters guide.  If Our Manhattan's interest are not aligned with her own, then Debbie Nuss must be for higher taxes and less than responsible growth. 


John Ball, Bob Strawn and Daniel Hogan have completed the twelve question Our Manhattan voters quide.  Rich Jankovich replied to the request and stated that he would not complete the quide.  Debbie Nuss has not replied to numerous requests concerning the voter's quide.   Usha Reddi stated that she would not complete any voter's guide requests from Our Manhattan or any other group.  Karen McCulloh did not provide a complete response to the guide but sent an email with the note "I did also say that I find your quesitons, in general, to need more than simple yes/no answers".  We have added what Mrs. McCulloh provided in our infered voters quide.


Our Manhattan is concerned about commission candidates that will not communicate with the voters or answer direct questions concerning their views on public policy.  It takes fortitude and courage to run for local office.  Trust and honesty are requred.  We wonder why Debbie Nuss, Karen McCulloh, Rich Jankovich and Usha Reddi are afraid to answer the simple voter quide questions?   A remarks section is included so a yes/no answer can be avoided.

"I could carve out of a banana a judge with more backbone than that,"


Teddy Roosevelt in reference to a supreme court justice ruling.

Seats for election on April 2, 2013

General Election:

Loren Pepperd

Jim Sherow

Rich Jankovich


Candidates for the City Commission 2013


Rich Jankovich  (Incumbent City Commissioner)
John Ball (Member of the Urban Planning Board, Member of  FOSZ, Retired US Army and Current Da Civilian Fort Riley)
Karen McCulloh (Former Riley County and Manhattan City Commissioner/Mayor)
Daniel Hogan (Army Veteran)

Bob Strawn (Former Mayor, City Commissioner and Army Veteran)

Debbie Nuss (Former School Board Member)

Usha Reddi  (Teacher USD 383)


We have created a subpage for each of the seven Commission Candidates.  Posted to the page are responses to the voters guide and other information related to the candidates participation in the election process.


Contact information is contained in the PDF file below: