Our Manhattan is a group of non-partisan Manhattan and Riley County citizens that bridges a dynamic cross section of our communities. We are business owners, retirees on fixed incomes, retired military members, government workers, blue collar workers, farmers and professionals. Above all, we are taxpayers and we're concerned about the spending habits of local government.

We are concerned about taxes, city and county infrastructure and responsible growth within our communities. We do not want to be told the issues are too complex or we don't understand. We want local officials to understand that we all balance budgets and make difficult decisions, daily, weekly and monthly. This concept is not new to us. The decisions we make affect our families, our loved ones and those close to us. Sometimes we see our families go without because we don't have the resources. This can be painful.  We would like to remind elected officials that they work for us, the citizens of Riley County and Manhattan Kansas, not any other entity or any special interest.

We would like to remind them, every penny they spend belongs to the taxpayers, not government. They are only custodians of that money. We will ask them to draw a line in the budget and explain publicly that they will not spend more than they have. This also may be painful. We do not want new taxes or tax increases. We want to make sure the roads, bridges, streets and all the city and county infrastructure is maintained to the highest standard. We want responsible growth in the county that is not achieved on the backs of taxpayers.  From this point forward we will be active in selecting individuals that fill local political positions and active in the decisions they make.  We will provide those officials with the support they need to make the difficult decisions that are in the best interests of our communities.

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“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”


  George Jean Nathan